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Adrian Plass CLEARING AWAY THE RUBBISH [antykwariat] Zobacz większe

Adrian Plass CLEARING AWAY THE RUBBISH [antykwariat]


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Autor Adrian Plass
Tytuł Clearing away the Rubbish
Ilustracje W James Hammond
Wydawnictwo Minstrel
Rok wydania 1988
Wersja językowa angielska
Liczba stron 220
Format 19,8 x 12,8 cm
Oprawa MK-miękka
ISBN/ISSN/ISMN 1-85424-025-0
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"How we love to make life complicated! So much of what we do looks worth while, but unless its roots are in Reality it's just another piece of rubbish.

Through humour, poetry, songs and drama, Adrian Plass invites us to clear away the rubbish that our Infernal Enemy delights in tipping into our lives".

"Adrian Plass is well known for his ability to strip away the veneer of hypocrisy or super-spirituality that bedevils so many of us. Many of these pieces - ideal for amateur performance - will encourage us to rediscover an uncluttered pathway to the truth."

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Adrian Plass CLEARING AWAY THE RUBBISH [antykwariat]

Adrian Plass CLEARING AWAY THE RUBBISH [antykwariat]

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