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Mieczysław Tomaszewski CHOPIN (english version) Zobacz większe

Mieczysław Tomaszewski CHOPIN (english version)


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Autor Mieczysław Tomaszewski
Tytuł Chopin (english version)
Wydawnictwo Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne / BOSZ
Rok wydania 2010
Wersja językowa angielska
Liczba stron 360
Format 240 x 360 mm
Oprawa twarda z obwolutą
ISBN/ISSN/ISMN 978-83-7576-075-0

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The illustrated book Chopin, prepared on the occasion of Chopin's 160th death and 200th birth anniversaries, is intended for a wide range of readers, both in Poland and abroad, in particular to the aficionados of Frederic Chopin's phenomenal talent and those who wish to learn more about his biography and the times when he lived. The book's aim is to promote Chopin related issues and the knowledge of the composer. The authors have undertaken to answer the questions of how his talent developed and how the historical situation influenced the artists personality and work. The text will be complemented with a rich illustrative material, including archival materials as well as contemporary photographs, depicting the sights associated with Chopin's life.


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Mieczysław Tomaszewski CHOPIN (english version)

Mieczysław Tomaszewski CHOPIN (english version)

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